COAG Meeting Outcomes

At the conclusion of each COAG meeting, a communiqué is released as the public record of the meeting. In addition to the communiqué, COAG will also release documents relating to the meeting, including agreements, reports and other papers.

This website contains communiqués and related documents for all COAG meetings since December 2007. You can use the search function in the column to the right to find specific content, or browse meetings by date below.


COAG Meeting, 1 April 2016
1 Apr 2016


At its 42nd meeting, in Canberra, COAG increased hospital funding and made an historic commitment to explore fundamental changes to our federation that will drive economic reform and secure better outcomes for all Australians. We have sharpened our focus on improving Indigenous economic participation and received our final report on reducing violence against women and their children – an issue of ongoing concern for all of us. Treasurers joined First Ministers for the discussion on economic and federation reform.

Records of COAG meetings from December 1992 to April 2007

Communiqués from COAG meetings from 7 December 1992 to 13 April 2007 are available on the former COAG website, which has now been archived. Communiques from the Special Premiers' Conference on 30 July 1991, and the Premiers and Chief Ministers Meeting on 21-22 November 1991, are also available on the Australian Governement Web Archive.